Each IGFOA Executive Board officer and member will avoid all instances where the Officer's or Member's personal or financial interests would conflict with the Purpose and Objectives of the Association set forth in its Bylaws. Officers and Board Members of the Association are required to safeguard the Association's confidential information and not to use any such information for personal gain or benefit.

While it is not practical to enumerate all situations that might conflict with the Association's Conflicts of Interest Policy, the examples given below highlight some of the relationships which must be avoided. It is considered to be a conflict with the Association's interests and a violation of its trust for a Board member or officer to:

1. Knowingly engage in any activity or take any position which conflicts with, or has the potential of conflicting with, the Purpose and Objectives of the Association;

2. Use confidential information gained in the course of the Board member's or officer's

relationship with the Association for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of others with whom the Director or officer is associated;

3. Benefit financially as a result of his or her role with the Association to the detriment of the Association or of the government finance industry.

In furtherance of this Policy, the Association requires that each Board member or officer, acting in that capacity or in the capacity of an officer:

1. Disclose to the Association any facts or circumstances which may constitute actual or potential conflicts between the personal or financial interests of the Board member or officer that might operate to the detriment of the interests of the Association.

2. Refrain from acting or debating on any Board action or other decision of the Association as noted in the official minutes in which the personal or financial interests of the Board member or officer conflict with the Purpose and Objectives of the Association.




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